Information for Practitioners

  • Why should you join "Locate a Practitioner" when you have free use of the website?
  • 1. "Locate a Practitioner" directs passport members directly to you, the practitioner, and not to non members.
  • 2. This website creates instant access to patients Rx data without time wasted.
  • 3. The webside creates additional financial income from your professional services.
  • 4. There will be no charges from us for all your financial transactions.
  • 5. Your patients that join will have to validate their details annualy increasing compliance.
  • 6. We will confirm this validation with you and remove those who don't conform.
  • 7.

    The Internet selling platform will be used as a communication platform amongst all like minded practiotioners globally by encouraging both your patients and practitioners to join the website.

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