About Us

Contact Lens Passport is based in the Highlands of Scotland, with links on all five continents to the contact lens profession.
Our team is led by an optometrist and contact lens practitioner with thirty years experience in contact lens practice.
Our legal team has 28 years experience in the optometric profession.

By drawing on all the teams’ professional expertise we aim to maintain a free web site for contact
lens wearers/spectacle wearers, globally, to store their details FREE. This site is for emergency use when
away from home on holiday or business.

We intend to create a level playing field for our profession on this website. No contact lens retailer will
have a position of preference. No retailer, be it Independant, Multiple or Franchise will be allowed to
advertise on this website. However we will allow contact lens manufacturers to advertise their new
products on the site for the benefit of all contact lens wearers.

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